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Visited Edinburgh Zoo today with the Brownie Pack. This is the first time I’ve ever seen real life Pandas and man oh man.. I was actually in awe. Sounds dumb but I was. They’re such lovely creatures. This is Tian Tian, the female. Who’s name is literally ‘Sweet Sweet’ or Sweetie. She was absolutely lovely and even yawned for that second photo there. Her boyfriend Yang Guan (Sunshine) was a lot less complacent and I only really got blurry shots of him.

Also I totes didn’t buy a panda plush from the gift shop. I swear I di— okay I did. WORTH IT, A’IGHT?

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megadykeonabike said: omg youre back online it seemed like forever xx

i know! i got lost in my personal account:

Sorry about that! im back thought!

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